No. 1 Skincare trend for a Healthy & Natural Glow

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Meet the No 1 product for glowing & healthy skin – The Facial Massager. It's the big skincare trend of 2018 and an absolute Must Have!

Facial massagers help your skin feel relaxed and rejuvenated. They are clean, hygienic and very effective. Plus you can use them from the comfort of your home.

Facial massager


Here are the benefits of using a Face massager 

  1. Helps in increasing the blood flow on your face, resulting in increased production of collagen
  2. It helps in detoxification of the skin
  3. It has a sculpting effect on the face. Almost like natural contouring
  4. It has anti-aging benefits. Stimulating the facial muscles with regular massage increase the flow of oxygen which results in giving a firmer appearance to the face
  5. It is extremely relaxing and eases all the tension that builds up on the face during the day

How to use the facial massager

Gently glide the massager on your face in circular / up and down motion, depending on the kind of massager you get. Always check the pack for instructions. Please do not use it vigorously or too fast. Always be gentle. 


How often should you use the face massager

I use mine everyday for 5 minutes. However, if you suffer from breakouts or acne prone skin, you can reduce the time to 1-2 minutes, thrice a week


Where to buy

There are plenty of sites online that sell Facial massagers. From Derma rollers to Jade massagers, the options are endless. Derma rollers can be a bit invasive if you have sensitive skin so I would stick to jade or regular / gentle facial massagers in the beginning. I got mine from Muji in New York (see picture)


Next time, give your face some TLC and bring out your facial massager while watching your favourite movie on television. Trust me your skin will thank you!